The Main Types of Crime in Spain’s Tourist Resorts

The Main Types of Crime in Spain’s Tourist Resorts
The Main Types of Crime in Spain’s Tourist Resorts

Spain is a popular holiday destination for people all around the world and, although Spain doesn’t have a high crime rate when compared to other European countries, it’s still important you’re vigilant when visiting. Spain houses “small-time” criminals that undertake petty crimes to steal money in small amounts but, the fact is, these amounts can soon add up throughout the week. If you’re a tourist, someone looking to migrate to Spain, or just a student from the University of Cincinnati looking to obtain their masters in criminal justice online (Online MSCJ) by studying some of the local crime, consider the main types of crime below so you can be wary.

Counterfeit Money

It’s not just some of the Spanish citizens who regularly try to pass counterfeit money by taking advantage of tourists, it’s also tourists who do the same. Spain is a popular destination for the British and many Europeans, so you can be sure counterfeit money is in circulation one way or another. Always check your euro notes to see if anything looks suspicious.

Lottery Scams

Lottery scams are primarily a problem for local residents rather than tourists, but tourists do still fall victim to such crimes, especially those who move out to Spain. Criminals will send out letters to residents to let them know they’ve won a competition and they’ll need their banking and personal details to send the money their way. It might sound like an obvious scam, but it’s one that has worked in the past and one that’s still in circulation today.


There are, of course, many other petty criminals in Spain who’ll try any swindle to get you to part with your cash. Sometimes, swindlers will rig public games and have a partner play the game to show public members it’s very much winnable. However, taking part in such games usually comes at a small price and they are often rigged which makes the game impossible to win.

Home Scams

As stated above, Spain is known for its petty small-time scams, but just as any other country does, Spain also houses criminals who’re willing to do more to earn more. Some criminals will go to residential buildings posed as an employee of a well-known utility provider. Once they get into the home, they’ll look like they’re undertaking tasks and will charge money for practically nothing. Of course, this is just a scratch on the surface when it comes to home scams, and some criminals will come up with better ideas than a utility provider employee.

Counterfeit euro banknotes seem to pose a problem every now and then, but it’s certainly one to be wary of. When it comes to visiting Spain and any other country for that matter, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Although most scams in Spain are fairly obvious to detect, some are not, so always be wary and you can be sure your money and finances will stay protected.


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