Fernando Reynolds Quintela tragically killed in bullfight in front of terrified crowd


Twenty-six year old Fernando Reynolds Quintela has been tragically killed in a bullfight in Portugal. He suffered irreversible internal injuries after his body was trapped between two horns and he was tossed on the floor.

The incident took place in front of a crowd of people in the Moita bullring in Lisbon, and he later died despite an attempt from surgeons at São José hospital to save his life.

Fernando Quintela acted as a “forcado” whose job it is to challenge the bull by standing in front of it and grab its head, encouraging it to charge so that the others can jump on top of it.

After being tossed in the air by the bull, fellow forcados tried to pull him away from teh animal but he had already sustained internal injuries and bleeding.

Quintela was a member of the Amadores de Alcochete forcado group. The association has expressed its heartbreak at his death.

A memorial service will take place on Sunday in Alcochete.