Ryanair CMO Kenny Jacobs explains new baggage policy in detail and answers faqs


Ryanair have recently released a video in which CMO, Kenny Jacobs, explains the new baggage policy in detail and answers some frequently asked questions. The new Ryanair baggage policy is due to take effect on 01 November 2017.

Kenny Jacobs explains that the baggage policy will change for all customers from 01 November 2017 and will have four key elements:

  1. the check-in bag allowance will increase from 15 kilos to 20kg for all bags
  2. the standard check-in bag fee will be cut fro € 35 to € 25 for the 20kg bag
  3. only priority boarding customers including those traveling on “Plus”, “Flexi-Plus”, and “Family Plus” will be allowed to bring two carry-on bags onto the aircraft
  4. all other passengers, for example, non-priority customers will only be allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft while their second, bigger or wheelie bag must be placed in the hold free of charge at the boarding gate

He goes on to explain that Ryanair is making these changes in order to reduce the number of flight delays caused by too many customers arriving to the gate with two carry-on bags. Customers who have purchase priority boarding will be able to take two bags on board – one normal-sized bag and one small bag into the cabin. Those customers traveling without priority boarding will put their bag in the hold free of charge and will be able to take their smaller bag into the cabin.

The change will be implemented at the gate with two queues. There will be a “Priority 2 Bag Queue” and a “Non-Priority 1 Bag Queue” and different boarding passes for customers in the different queues.

Priority boarding can be purchase for just €5 at the time of the flight booking or €6 on the Ryanair app up to one hour before departure.

The 15 kilo allowance will now increase to 20 kilo.

Jacobs continues to say that this is not a money-making scheme and, indeed, Ryanair estimates that it will lose € 15 million in lost bag revenue because the price of bags is being reduced. He reiterates that Ryanair is making these changes in order to really deliver on it’s promise of the most on-time service. Witha load factor of 97% and an average of 183 people on each flight, too many people are trying to bring two big bags with them and “it simply doesn’t work” and it risks slowing down the turnaround time.

Any non-priority customer who refuses to hand over their bag at the gate will be denied boarding.

The policy will apply for all bookings from 01 November 2017 and will be applied at the gates from 01 November 2017.