Sobering thought in wake of clampdown of alcohol sales at sports venues

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By ANDREW ATKINSON ….. With the 2017-18 amateur football season set to kick-off this month clubs across Spain have been notified of an alcoholic ban at sports venues.

“Spanish laws leave no doubt that this season alcohol will not be sold at the ground,” said CD Montesinos spokesperson Eddie Cagagio.

Champagne corks were flying at the end of last season at the Los Montesinos, Alicante based club after achieving promotion to the 1st Regional, making club history.

But this season supporters will have to drink alcohol elsewhere – before, during and after fixtures – as the authorities have informed sports venues that heavy fines will be imposed to those breaking the law.

“It is an offence to sell alcohol inside every sports facility in Spain – that’s a Government rule throughout Spain,” said Eddie.

And it is understood that the Guardia Civil will be making ‘spot checks’ at sports grounds this season.

It was mooted that during the summer the Guardia Civil inspected a Youth tournament in San Miguel and fined a club 3,000 for selling alcohol at the ground.

“We have received a letter – via the Council – asking us to submit our fixture list for the 2017-18 season,” said Eddie.

“We have also been advised about the law – and informed that ‘spot checks’ will be made this season,” said Eddie.

Football clubs within the Regional football leagues, along with all sports clubs, will see a fall in much needed revenue following the imposed alcohol ban.

An alcohol ban was initially imposed at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2015 and it was reported at the time that punters were paying €11 for non-alcoholic beer.

The alcohol ban remained at the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix in May. A spokesperson said: “A full alcohol ban was introduced at the circuit in 2015 and remains in force.

“People were told not to bring any beer or alcohol into the circuit. Only non-alcoholic beer is on sale inside the circuit.”

There are different policies in place regarding the purchase of alcohol during sports events at Wembley Stadium. The sale and consumption of alcohol is permitted at Rugby League events – and other sporting events such as American Football.

There are strict rules regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol at football events at Wembley Stadium.

It is permitted on the concourses – in restaurants and private hospitality areas – at England international friendly games, the FA Cup and Football League games.

At UEFA and FIFA fixtures alcohol is only allowed to be sold and consumed within the restaurants and private hospitality areas – not on the public concourses.

Alcohol must not be consumed inside the main Wembley Stadium bowl or within view of the pitch, during the FA Cup Final, Semi-finals and other Cup Finals.

CD Montesinos stage their first 2017-18 1st Regional home fixture at The Municipal Stadium, Los Montesinos, against Santa Pola CF on September 24.

Added to the non sale of alcohol in sports stadia supporters are also prohibited to take alcohol into grounds for their own consumption: “That too is prohibited,” said Eddie.

“And, should the Guardia Civil inspect, and any individual is found to be consuming alcohol, they are personally responsible – not the club,” said Eddie.



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