Man thrown out of Madrid Metro for hurling racial abuse at Moroccan couple


The National Police are looking for a man who could face up to four years in prison for hurling racial abuse at a Moroccan couple in the Madrid Metro.

The man was forced to leave the Metro by other passengers who witnessed the incident and stood up to defend the couple. The man allegedly argued that “moros” should not be allowed to travel on public transport in Spain.

The man was caught on camera trying to drag a woman off the train in Madrid. The video of him shouting “bajate Mora” has gone viral on social media.

After being thrown off the train, the man is seen standing on the platform and is heard saying, “I wish a man with a moustache would come back and put you all in a f****** chamber. I would pay for the gas myself.” He then gave the Nazi salute and shouted “Heil Hitler”.

After the incident, a security guard rode with them and accompanied them to their destination.