Mobile gaming is the next big thing  

Mobile gaming is the next big thing  

The invention of the mobile phones has been revolutionary. These little boxes laced with all the features possible have made the human life a lot easy and sorted. From setting up an alarm, to maintaining a to-do list, from banking apps to the weather apps, from playing games to clicking never ending pictures, the mobile phone knows it all. The popularity of mobile needs no introduction or justification. It has, in fact, become the backbone of the modern era.

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the demand for mobile games has rocketed too. The online mobile casino has, in fact, conquered the gambling industry. Various other online casinos are turning it to their advantage and are continuously launching a wide range of interesting games.

The revenue of online slots is soaring and the statistics revealed mind boggling figures. The total gaming revenue has already crossed $100 billion. This includes gaming consoles, mobile games, PC games and gaming tables. But the share of mobile gaming is the largest and it is all set to become the uncrowned king of the gambling industry.

Online Mobile Casino – Colossal revenue boost

The statistics revealed a considerable drop in the revenue of the traditional gaming and it is predicted to lose its charm by 2019. The predictions regarding mobile gaming are nothing less than magnificent. Mobile gaming is expected to contribute to 45 percent of the world’s gaming revenue by the year 2019. The leading contributor in the universe of mobile gaming is the Asian Pacific region, with China being at the front line. The Asian Pacific region contributed to almost half of the world’s gaming revenue.

As mobile gaming is paving its way to the top, other traditional platforms are slowly meeting their pitfall. While PC games have recognised 3 percent fall in their takings, the consoles have suffered 4 percent downfall. Eminent gaming giants like Sony are strategizing on the fresh slate to hone the sudden popularity of the mobile games.

Various new technologies compatible with the mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows) has been devised to match up to market’s need. Recently the gaming giant, Nintendo, launched its first mobile game, hence, proving the unquestioned dominance of the mobile gaming. Developers have come up with various online mobile casino games to meet up the requirements of the casino players.

Mobile gaming: Innovating new technologies

With the launch of various new technologies, an online mobile casino has surely achieved new heights. The popularity of casinos has endowed the gambling industry with new perspective and achievements. With the advancement of the technology, the quality and the graphics of the games improve too.

The cut-throat race amongst the big guns of the industry has ensured better and efficient slots in the market. Developers are trying to provide all the features of the land based casinos games to an online mobile casino. They’re trying to make the slots as realistic and fun as possible.


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