Corvera Airport Tender Process – And then there were two!


Following the removal of Corporaćion América from the tender process as it approaches phase two, just two companies remain in the race for the management of Corvera Airport, Aena, who already run all but on of the Nation’s airports, including nearby San Javier, and French company Edeis, who manage the Castellon Airport to the north of Valencia.

In removing Corporaćion América the Murcia Government didn’t go into specific detail, although it is understood that the company weren’t able to sufficiently prove their experience and solvency to deal with the management of the Corvera infrastructure

As such the Government will start the second phase, in which companies must now submit their technical and economic offers, with just two possible operators.

Government spokesperson, Noelia Arroyo, said that this new step “is a further milestone in the road map of the regional government for the operation of this strategic infrastructure, the opening of which we continue to advance.”

Both Aena and Edeis will now have access to the tender documentation, which will provide a detailed technical report of all the installations and the economic detail of the operation of the airport, as well as documentation on all airport functions, airspace and a visual chart, as well as the construction project and the proposed business plan.

After analysing this documentation, the two companies will be required to present their technical and economic offers within 60 days.

The Government spokesperson said that “our purpose is to open the airport as soon as possible, an facility that is absolutely necessary for the development of the Region, and we need to to do so with the best manager available so that we can develop the airport to its very full potential for all of our Community”.

The airport itself is designed to accommodate traffic of 3 million passengers per year. It has a main runway of 3,000 meters in length and 45 meters in width, capable of receiving Boeing 747 and 737, and Airbus 340 and 320, which as well as domestic flights will enable it to operate international routes of medium range.

At this stage there was no indication as to when the airport will eventually open with Aena still refusing to guarantee the closure of San Javier airport, which they currently manage.


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