Murcia taxes ensure 6th most expensive fuel in Spain

File photo dated 15/08/13 of a person using a petrol pump. Chancellor Philip Hammond will deliver his Budget statement on Wednesday.

With the cost of living generally lower than in many other parts of Spain the Government of Murcia is failing to enhance that position by piling taxes on the vulnerable motorist. The Autonomy could quite easily be providing the lowest priced fuel in the country, if it were not for the exorbitant taxes that the Region is placing on the product. 

The most obvious case is that of unleaded 95 octane petrol. The average tax free price at which the fuel arrives is just 51 centre per litre, making it the second cheapest in the whole of Spain, just behind Catalonia (50.3 cents), and equal with the Valencian Community.

However, when taxes are applied, the average price in Murcia rises to 118.9 cents per litre, the sixth highest in the country.

The same situation also applies to diesel, although slightly better than for unleaded users.

According to figures produced by the Ministry of Energy Murcia is the autonomous community with the lowest price before taxes at just 48.4 cents per litre. However the average final price to the consumer, once taxes have been added, is 104.5 cents, which places Murcia as the ninth most expensive price in Spain.