Two cocaine mules arrested at Alicante Airport

An agent of the Civil Guard with cosmetic bottles containing liquid cocaine

Alicante’s Civil Guard has arrested two people, both of Brazilian nationality, a man aged 30 years and a woman of 25, for smuggling drugs. The arrests took place on Friday at Alicante-Elche airport where the officers seized 8,430 grams of liquid cocaine.

Officers said that they noticed a young woman, about 25 years old, behaving suspiciously so they decided to watch her discreetly. They noted that she was traveling with a young man aged about 30 and that each one was carrying a suitcase as they headed toward the ‘nothing to declare channel’.

The agents intercepted the pair finding that they came from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, and decided to interview them separately to verify the reason for their visit, the duration of the trip and their itinerary.

After the declarations and the nervousness that both showed, the put both cases through an x-ray machine, observing suspicious packages inside each of the suitcases .

On opening the suitcases they discovered flexible coolers containing various cosmetic bottles, shampoos, creams and mouthwashes, raising even more suspicions, as a result of which they took samples of each which subsequently tested positive for cocaine which was diluted in a liquid substance for transporting.

Once at their destination, the substances would have been separated for later sale. On the open market the haul was said to be worth approximately 450,000 USD

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Elche Courts where they will reamin until their court appearance early this week.