!Putting the Cart before the horse!


Firstly I must commend Alicante council for putting up beach signs for a nudist beach near El Altet to let people know that the beach is for “clothes optional” people, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have these signs at all nudist beaches in the area, so as to advertise these to the people who wish to use or avoid these beaches, unfortunately this will not extend to our local nudist beach at Calla Mosca. As this might add fuel to support The Battle for Calla Mosca.

I have been informed that due to pressure Orihuela Council will be cleaning the Cabo roig strip with a campaign of deep cleaning every Monday and Friday until the end of the summer season.

A service we pay our taxes for and a service that gets Orihuela a grant, for every person on the Padron. So funds should be in the annual budget for Orihuela Costa for these basic services.

Unfortunately every single Councillor for Orihuela council approved a budget not to include Orihuela Costa sufficiently, with every Councillor outside of Orihuela City disagreeing with it.

I wonder if to fund this “extra” service that is why Orihuela City are putting up for Auction (as I tap my finger against my nose) Auction up to 32 plots of land on the Orihuela Costa with 5 plots of high value land to be sold with a value of of over 2 million euros, how many times can you clean the Cabo roig strip for 2 million?

Of course this money will not see its way to help the resident’s of Orihuela Costa as the city has more pressing issues to spend our money on, Like a Fire/Ambulance/Police Station for us all or a cemetery, library or cultural centre which are lacking. These could be built on these plots of high value land on the Orihuela Costa

Should we not be seeking self government yet, should we not have a political party for the coast that has some testosterone to stand up to the “Horse pulling the Cart”, “Oh” we have Claro the party for the Coast

if you agree with any of this contact Claro on clarospain@gmail.com and let them know that the resident’s are still here? And wanting  “self government”



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