A Life in the Sun: Businesses That Do Well in Costa Blanca

A Life in the Sun: Businesses That Do Well in Costa Blanca (Image: Pixabay)
A Life in the Sun: Businesses That Do Well in Costa Blanca (Image: Pixabay)

When people think of Costa Blanca, they think of holidaying, relaxing by the sea or pool, or emigrating to start a new life in the sun. What most people don’t think of is business. But, as the sun bakes the white sand, the business community of Costa Blanca and Costa Calida is increasingly heating up – and it’s partly down to the influx of Brits. There are around 309,000 British expats living in Spain, according to recent figures. So, what businesses can the British do on the White Coast?


Costa Blanca is a tourist hotspot – with tourism employment up 14% compared to 2016 and tourist figures exceeding 70 million in 2016. So, tourism seems to be one of the most lucrative business propositions for anyone wanting to begin a business life on Costa Blanca or Costa Calida. From tourist excursions to coach trips and beach activities, there is a pretty penny to be made giving tourists a memorable holiday.     

Financial Services

Not everyone’s immediate thoughts for a business in Spain, but financial services can be extremely profitable – and working on the stock markets and helping others navigate the stock market, can be done almost anywhere. For example, stock market experts can become consultants to assist those wishing to begin investing or wanting to get more from their trading account. Demo accounts on reliable CFD providers such as IG allow newbies to familiarise with the software, and having someone to guide them at that stage can be helpful in advertising your business. The stock market can be difficult to deal with, but having someone on hand with different commodities may help tackle it from a new perspective.


Another popular business venture, especially during the tourist season, is catering. From bars and tavernas to restaurants and takeaways. While business booms during the summer months, restaurateurs can either live on savings or target the population of Brits abroad in the winter months. Reports from 2015 state that occupation rates for Benidorm hotels nearly reached 100%, meaning hundreds of hungry holidaymakers flock to the coastal resort.

Image: Pexels
Image: Pexels


Properties are popping up in Costa Blanca constantly and property is always one of the most steadfast investments in any economic climate. Buying and selling – or even assisting with renting for others – in Spain could be a viable option for those wanting a tougher business to tackle. The first quarter of 2017 saw a rise of 17.35% in total house sales in Alicante alone.


One of the biggest opportunities in Spain is entertainment – and with the tourists around, there are countless opportunities for singers, dancers, actors, or entertainers to work the circuit. While the work may not be as reliable as other ventures, the risk factor is lower – and should it not work, the loss would be less.     

While a life in the sun comes with many rewards, and the chance to conduct business as usual in more aesthetic surroundings, it can be marred with challenges. Not every business abroad will succeed and each one is a huge undertaking. But, should it pay off – or even if it just gives a new lease of life and a chance to admit to trying something different – it can be the most rewarding endeavour.