Prison for illegal Benidorm beach brawlers

Prison for illegal Benidorm beach brawlers
Prison for illegal Benidorm beach brawlers

Two men have been arrested and sent to prison following a fight which broke out in Benidorm between illegal beach sellers and local police. A third person has also been detained for being involved in the assault on the police officers when he was identified at the entrance to the courthouse.

The confrontation occurred when two men – a father and son – were pulled up for the illegal selling of alcohol on the beach. The son was in hospital over the weekend but was handed over to the authorities when he was discharged.

The incident took place in the tourist area of Rincón de Loix. The men were on the beach selling alcohol and drinks to sunbathers when the local police patrol intervened. As the police officers were questioning the men a number of other vendors arrived to join them. Witnesses say that about 20 people were involved in the fight.

Another six police officers arrived at the scene and had to use electronic weapons to stop the attackers. Five police officers were hurt. Four were left with cuts and bruises whilst a fifth police officer was sent to hospital with a serious knee injury.

The councillor for security in Benidorm, Lorenzo Martínez, has confirmed that local police are maintaining “constant pressure” on the illegal activities of those that are selling alcohol and other wares on the beaches.

Since the event there has been a significant number of illegal traders on the busy beaches.


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