Spain’s largest Marijuana Network dismantled in Alicante

Just part of the haul

Alicante Civil Guard has arrested 8 people for the cultivation of marijuana, drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organization, and defrauding Iberdrola. The arrests took place in Alicante, Elche, Playa de San Juan, Jijona, Penáguila and Onil. Those detained are 7 men, one of whom is of Serbian nationality (35 years), one from Bosnia and Herzegovina (33 years), and five Croats between 27 and 41 years old, and a Spanish woman aged 46. Another 38-year-old woman is also being investigated.

The operation first got underway about a year ago, and has now been concluded with the dismantling of perhaps the largest marijuana producers in the country. The ringleaders were three Croatian brothers who exported the drug in a trailer to countries in Eastern Europe.

Following a raid on a property in Onil the Guardia seized a number of marijuana plants but more importantly documentation which indicated that they were dealing with a well-developed organization, with a large distribution network and with various international contacts.

Surveillance was focussed on several people who appeared to be linked to the organization including three brothers of Croatian nationality.

The leader was the oldest of the three, who had established a false identity, whilst the other two brothers operated as his deputies.

Agents carried out simultaneous raids on 7 houses in Alicante, Elche, Playa de San Juan, Pénaguila and Jijona, which were all performed at daybreak.

Almost a thousand plants were seized in the two Elche properties alone in addition to finding more than 13,000 euros in cash, and more than 50 kilograms of seedlings.

Six of those arrested have been detained whilst the other 3 have been released on bail.



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