Bomberas called out to cut off penis ring

But be warned if you are having wicked thoughts because experts say metal penis rings are "not for beginners"

After doctors were unable to help remove a penis ring from a man admitted to the Hospital Arquitecto Marcid in Ferrol on Spain’s Atlantic coast they were forced to enlist the help of the local fire brigade and their circular saw.

Not a situation that would sit comfortably with neither the patient nor the medical staff but during the early hours of Sunday morning one individual was in so much pain, and facing the very real possibility of losing his equipment that he had little alternative other than to comply with the prescribed advice.

Doctors at the Hospital Arquitecto Marcid didn’t have the tools for the job

The man told the doctors that he was unable to remove the metal ring from the very base of his phallus having fitted it earlier that evening, albeit with help from his girlfriend. It would seem that Penis rings, worn at the base of the member, are used to make erections more durable by restricting the outward blood flow, or so I am told!

But medical staff told the man that they didn’t have the “tools for the job,” hence the call to the local fire brigade.

One doctor said that “Although we are trained to the very highest standards, removing an erotic metal ring from a man’s throbbing parts is something that I must have missed at medical school.”

Fortunately, the Ferrol fire brigade were able to come to the rescue as two firefighters responded to a call from the hospital and arrived in quick time carrying a small, circular machine saw.

And penis rings would seem to be an all too common problem as earlier in the year firefighters in Ireland were forced to use an angle grinder to remove a metal ring that had become stuck on one man’s penis while on Valentine’s Day the London Fire Brigade announced that they had attended to nine penis ring removal incidents in the previous twelve months.

But be warned if you are having wicked thoughts because experts say metal penis rings are “not for beginners”


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