Choosing Land Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos

Choosing Land Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos (Source: AsiaLiveTech)
Choosing Land Based Casinos vs. Online Casinos (Source: AsiaLiveTech)

Online casino gaming is more popular than ever in Spain and across Europe, with the Spanish gaming regulator –the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) – posting record numbers so far this year. While it is estimated that out of the $87 billion in worldwide casino revenue in 2016 only $15 billion corresponded to online gambling, this figure has been growing considerably in recent years and at this rate is set to overtake land based casinos within the next  decade.

With more and more punters increasingly choosing to play online rather than visit their local casino to place the bets, plenty of speculation has been made about brick and mortar casino’s need to re-examine their business model in order to prevent being swallowed whole by their online counterparts booming business, which has been increasingly bleeding business away from them.

For while online casino offers plenty of perks to casino enthusiasts, including the game changing possibility of allowing players to game from anywhere though mobile gaming platforms, that doesn’t mean there are aren’t also plenty of incentives to visiting your local brick and mortar casino.

Visiting Land Based Casinos

Perhaps the most cited reason for players to visit land based casinos is the casino experience itself. There is a reason why casinos became hugely popular in the first place, as players enjoy the glamour and glitz of dressing up for an exciting casino night out.

Going to a casino is by far a social experience, in which you will make friends with people across the table from you as you all attempt to beat the house together. In games like Craps, Blackjack and Roulette the camaraderie can be quite palpable, as any time the house is defeated or the right numbers come in can become a celebration of the entire group. The ability to share with others the elation and frustrations that come with the ups and downs of betting is certainly one of the biggest draws to real life casino gambling.

You will even find yourself making conversation with the dealers and croupiers, most of who manage to be charismatic enough that they even make losing not feel as quite as bad.

Apart from the socializing, most land based casinos also offer complimentary drinks and appetizers to players who are actively gambling, allowing you do drink for free while you try your luck at the tables or slots. This adds to the “night out” feel making the experience more enjoyable.

Most casinos are not just limited to gambling activities, as they will also feature restaurants, bars, stores and even dancing floors, allowing players for a flurry of alternative activities they can engage in before or after hitting the tables.

Online Casinos are the future

As mentioned earlier in the article, the biggest draw that online casinos have to offer to players is the ability to play from anywhere with a good internet connection. Mobile gaming is quickly rising to become the most prevalent form of gambling online, as smart phones have become practically universal. Practically all the biggest online casinos currently offer a robust mobile platform featuring countless slots and table game variations, live sportsbetting capabilities, poker and lottery games, giving players access to a great variety of gaming options accessible at the touch of a button.

While many casino players are still wary about playing online as they do not trust the digital casino games as being fair or they are afraid they will not get paid out if they win big, this problem can easily be solved by doing your research when choosing the right casino. Plenty of watchdog sites like Right Casino have taken it upon themselves to post casino reviews that can help players verify the legitimacy of an online casino before they deposit their money. For example, a player that is considering depositing in popular gaming site BGO needs only to read a BGO casino review to see what he can expect from his experience in this casino, practically nullifying the chance of losing his money to a scam site.

Online gambling also offers the possibility to play 24/7 at practically any limit you’d want, and without requiring you to wait for a seat at the table. They also offer players the chance to play for play money and practice their skills, something that be impossible in land based casinos due to the operational costs. Also, since the operational costs at online casinos are lower than those of land based casinos, online casinos can offer their players more bonuses and free plays as compensation for their loyalty.

Finally, for those players that miss the atmosphere of playing in a land based casino, online casinos have added features such a Live Dealer Casinos, which use streaming technology to feature real live dealers being broadcasted from casino themed TV studios. While Live Casinos are no replacement for the real thing, they allow players to interact with each other and the dealer via chat, managing to replicate the casino experience as much as can be done from the comfort of your own home. With VR technology on the rise, it won’t be long since this is taken to the next level allowing players to realistically visit a land based casino from the comfort of their own home.


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