Residents protest at deterioration of La Manga Camping

La Manga Caravan site

Residents and co-owners of the Camping Villas Caravanning of La Manga held a rally at the entrance and exit of the complex La Manga Camping and Caravanning complex to demand action by the new owner, Capfun, a company that owns Campsites all over France, Italy, Belgium and Spain, who they say “has allowed the campsite to fall into the worst state of cleanliness and disrepair they have ever known”.

They also criticise the security at the campsite which they say provides absolutely no control at the entrances and exits, the neglected state of gardens and hedges and the continuous delay that occurs when pruning the palms, which has resulted in the fall of several palm trees due to the infestation of the weevil beetle.

The have also denounced the poor state of maintenance at the sports facilities, including the pool and the difficulties that police, firefighters and ambulances have in gaining access to the site.

A spokesman for the Residents Association said, “We believe that having suffered two recent fires, albeit without any serious casualties, but with 15 plots affected, too few measures were taken by the owners to ensure that similar events did not occur again. We also expected that at the height of the summer, with the exceptionally high temperatures that we are experiencing, the local council should have intervened, but to date we have seen absolutely nothing from them.”

“As a result we will carry on with our protests until something is done.”


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