Average wait of 107 days for operation

The delays shown are the average waiting times, expressed in days

The Conselleria of Public Health has published details of average surgical waiting lists in the Valencian Community showing that during the month of June the average waiting time for patients requiring a surgical procedure is 107 days.

For pathological conditions the average waiting times are 84 days for cataracts, 74 for hernias, 120 for hip replacements, 137 for knees, 136 days for joint repairs, 194 for varicose veins, 78 for gallbladders, 126 for bunions, 94 for adenoids, 83 for benign prostate and bladder surgery, 75 for the pilonidal cyst, 117 for circumcision, and 76 for wrists and hands.

For specialties, the waiting time is 95 days for general surgery, 57 for gynaecology, 83 for ophthalmology, 78 for ear, nose and throat, 130 for traumatology, 84 for urology, 52 for cardiac surgery, 192 for vascular surgery, 120 for facial surgery, 131 for Paediatric surgery, 121 for plastic surgery, 63 for thoracic surgery, 160 for neurosurgery and 38 for dermatology.

The delays shown are the average waiting times, expressed in days, that patients will expect to wait from the date of entry into the registry until the date of the operation.

Since January, the Department of Health has displayed the Surgical Waiting List on its website. To date, 43,907 people have accessed this service, representing an average of 245 consultations per day.

Pending surgery, patients can access the data via the internet. The Individualised Surgical Waiting List allows the patient to check his personal situation, as well as see a rough estimate of the waiting time until his operation.


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