Santa Pola Police Chief Suspended

The mayor and councillor of Public Safety, Yolanda Seva,

Its been over four weeks since he was first arrested but the mayor of Santa Pola has now formally suspended her chief of police, José Miguel Zaragoza, and two agents, for their alleged involvement in a case in which they are currently being investigated by the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF).

The investigation is with regard to the purchase of uniforms and Material for the Local Police and Civil Protection during the years 2013 to 2016 in which they are alleged to have defrauded the Santa Pola Council.

The mayor and councillor of Public Safety, Yolanda Seva, said that four disciplinary files have been opened on the three individuals in which they are allegedly involved “of prevarication, fraud, misappropriation of public funds and documentary falsification”.

The mayor said that “they will continue to receive the basic salaries and specific supplements” guaranteed by the law in these cases. “We are talking about suspending part of their salaries, they will not be left with a zero balance in their accounts.”

“These crimes, ” explained Yolanda Seva, “are a disservice to local government and to the residents of the municipality, so we cannot allow these people just to continue their service as though nothing has happened.”

They will also be required to hand in their issued weapons.

She added that the lack of personnel within the Local Police, will be dealt with as needs arise and if additional recruiting needs to take place it will do. In the meantime, while the case continues and Zaragoza remains on suspension his duties will be carried out by his deputy.


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