A young 14 year old schoolgirl has been seriously injured during a bull run in the Castilla La Mancha region of Spain. The incident ocurred in Hellin, Albacete.

The teenager was attacked by the bull as she stood by the side of the road with friends. She was knocked to the ground and gored in both thighs.

The video, published on Youtube.com, show one of the organisers of the event as he tried to coax the bull away from the girl with his yellow and pink cape but ended up being charged by the bull. He was thrown into the air and several meters down the street and suffered a number of broken bones from the attack.

According to the Mayor of the town the event “complied with all safety regulations and it was impossible to control all parts of the route”. The girl should not have been standing where she was attacked by the animal.

The incident has reignited the argument about the ethics and morals of bull runs and bullfighting, both long standing traditions, in Spain.


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