The officers making up the group

The Citizen Security Group of the Local Police of Orihuela (GESC) has recently celebrated its fourth anniversary during which time it has dealt with over 20,000 incidents in Orihuela city and its outlying villages.

The detachment, with its unmistakable eagle shield, has become very popular among residents of of Rabaloche, San Isidro, Miguel Hernández and San Antón, which previously suffered considerable degradation and where vandalism, as well as the consumption of drugs and alcohol in open spaces, were a constant problem.

The unit is made up of 13 agents, one officer and an inspector, with an average age of just 30, who patrol between the 6am and 10pm.  The fact that they are city based, however, seems to be just one more example of how law and order is treated far more seriously in Orihuela and its local villages than on the coast.

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