Photo: N.T.P. winners.

It’s just about an hour by car to the impressive venue of Alicante Golf, that’s if you can find it! But impressive it is, the condition of the course was excellent except for a little sand on the greens leftover from recent hollow tinning.

Slower greens usually play into the hands of the higher handicapper, today was an exception with the best scores coming from Gold category members and Kenny “Isaac” Hunter showing form that we haven’t seen the likes of from him in a long time, welcome to your new handicap “Isaac” let’s see how you score next week!

From the 6 par 3’s on this course there are 2 that should be reached by all, that’s if the ball doesn’t find the water of course. Well no one took the N.T.P. on hole 3 just 124m but John Hettrick did hit the short 12th and managed to hole the putt for his share of the €48 in the 2’s pot the other player to make a 2 was Carsten Landaas on the 6th other N.T.P. winners were Joe Dean 8, N. Williams 15 and Derek (I beat Joe Dean on the 17th) Sullivan.

With just a couple of guests this week the winner was M. Ericsson 28 pts. Alan “cuddly from Dudley” Rickers had the lowest of 4 players to take 3rd place in the Silver category with 32 pts. Treasurer, Alex Goslan was a point better to take 2nd place on slightly higher handicap with 33 points from Graham Smith. Kenny Winton’s 34 pts. off 9 handicap was good enough to secure 3rd place in the Gold category, 2nd was”Viking” Carsten Landaas with his 35 pts. But as mentioned earlier Kenny “Isaac” Hunter was first with the best score of the day, 39 points.

This year’s anniversary Competition will be played at La Marquesa on the 9/8/17 followed by a meal in the clubhouse during the presentation, all members who participate in this competition will eat for free.

If you fancy a game with a group of people that compete seriously but still like the banter, then to reserve your tee time please visit www.tmgs.org or visit www.facebook.com/TMGSGOLF for tat personal touch call 661524101 and speak to our secretary.


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