The Councillor for the Environment, Miguel Angel Fernandez, has announced a number of activities that are scheduled to be held on the different Orihuela Costa beaches during the summer.

On Thursday 20 July at Cala Capitán, 27 July La Glea and 1 August in Mil Palmeras, from 12 noon to 1pm, there will be a theatre performance by performers wearing, presumably for effect, deep sea diving outfits. The presentation itself is aimed at raising awareness, particularly to children, of the importance of removing waste from beaches after use as well as the biodegradation of such substances, the process by which organic materials are decomposed by micro-organisms into simpler substances, such as carbon dioxide, water and ammonia.

According to Fernandez, “this presentation was a great success last summer, and the characters certainly caught the attention of bathers.”

Also at Cala Capitán, on September 5, starting at 10am, there will be the children’s play ‘Gota Viajera’, the adventures and misadventures of a travelling drop of water which teaches children how to make responsible use of water, while learning all about the water cycle.

The councillor said that he hope that the activities would draw large crowds as the intention was to raise public awareness about caring for the environment.


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