Fortnite! A new GAME SET TO RELEASE SOON! Zombies, Survival and BUILDING ALL IN ONE!


Fortnite is a brilliant and awesome game coming for Mac, Windows, Xbox One and PS4. This game is a combination of many other game types. It really is an RPG, survival, zombie fighting, monster killing and building game all rolled into one!

You start the game by running round collecting resources and gathering cool stuff. You can find things to loot to get special items that cant to be found other ways! You can find survivors who, not only will give you powerful gifts for finding them, will fight with you!

So you could employ a little army to fight for you. They’re not the brightest but give them a good weapon, and they will be fine! Talking about weapons you’ve got baseball bats for melee, swords that make you into a wicked looking ninja and guns to blast wholes in those monsters!

You can even use your resources to level up the weapons you already have to make them stronger! It is a very in depth game that is so clever in the way it combines multiple game genres into one! It comes out on July the 25th this year! I cant wait to grab it and hope you are as excited as I am. If you would like to watch some early game play of Fortnite then don’t hesitate to go ahead and watch the video below by an amazing youtuber Draegast.


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