The Ambumar rescue teams of Cala Capitán and Cala Bosque saved a man on Monday morning who had fallen into the sea, from the rocky outcrop in front of the “Isla del Carmen”. Witnesses reported that the bather was in serious trouble as he tired with the strong waves pushing him against the rocks.

Fortunately two lifeguards were quickly on the scene after a bystanders had attracted their attention from the small island by waving fluorescent tops. A female lifeguard was also on the scene and she too radioed for help.

They arrived on a jet-ski that was located at Cala Bosque, at which point one lifeguard dived into the water, putting his own life at risk, and despite the strong tide, as the Jet Ski pilot maneuvered into a position from where he could provide assistance.

There was visible relief from all those around as the bather was pulled out of the sea and after a short period of recuperation was able to re-join his family on the beach.

Although it hadn’t played any part in the mornings events or the rescue there had previously been some confusion at the beach as the mast at Cala Capitan had been displaying a green flag all morning signifying safe bathing, whilst the Ambumar Twitter feed, the company responsible for providing the lifeguard service, advised that a yellow flag, bathing but with caution.

The above report and video was provided by a representative of FAOC (Federación de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa-Alicante), who was at the scene and who also added that the lifeguards should be heartily congratulated for their professionalism and their efficiency in a situation that might otherwise have led to a fatal outcome.

Video courtesy of FAOC (Federación de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa-Alicante)