Roda Golf

On Tuesday, July 11th the Society ventured south to Roda, one of our favourite courses for awaydays.

The competition was The Essex Cup, held for the past two years by Joe Booth who was there to defend his title. The day was very hot with enough wind to slow the ball down, but not enough to cool us ! The course was in good condition but for some reason was not encouraging high scoring for most of our seasoned members.

The greens were holding the ball well but once there some of the pin positions were “interesting”. Play progressed well in the heat although most of the scores at the halfway point were decidedly average – the two exceptions being Ted Harris and Nick Brown, both scoring a respectable 17 points.

Nearest the pin on the tricky island green on the 7th, playing into the wind, was Dan Connolly. On to the back nine and many were still finding it tough going for some reason. Some players did pick up their game however with the aforementioned Nick recording 19 points and his playing partner Nigel Cotton matching his score.

The best back nine score though was Paul Abbott’s very impressive 23 which was enough to shoot him into 1st place at the end of the day. So, the Essex Cup goes to a lad from Leeds. In second place was Ted Harris and third was Peter Palmer. Guest Nick Brown won the sweep and Bob Eno was the victor of the nearest the pin prize on the 13th. 

Well done to all prizewinners. Alas, for the majority of us it was a disappointing day scoring wise. There’s always another round to look forward to…..


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