Hundreds of children are drawn to the fairground adjacent to the bins every night

Only in Orihuela would the council give permission for the installation of a children’s playground next door to a filthy refuse area infested with rodents and roaches, one that that overflows on a daily basis with food and kitchen waste, dumped by inconsiderate local restaurants, as well as bottles, cans, cardboard and general household rubbish left by adjacent supermarkets, bars and residential properties.

The area surrounding the bins in Calle Mar is totally deplorable and extremely unhealthy and, despite the best efforts of the Cabo Roig Clean up Committee, the garbage regularly overflows onto the pavement and into the road, well beyond the area occupied by the inadequate supply of bins.

In the summer heat there is often an awful stench and although the refuse lorries empty the containers on a regular basis neither the area nor the bins are ever disinfected or cleaned.  They remain in a filthy condition as they continue to attract vermin, even when empty of garbage.

In similar situations that are replicated across the entire Orihuela Costa, the palpable neglect in what was once a stronghold of the Southern Costa Blanca is now in serious danger of creating irreparable damage to the tourist industry, as the waste department of the municipal council demonstrates that it is quite clearly unable to cope


  1. What an absolute disgrace.The streets of Agumarina have got worse.I feel embarrassed to invite friends or family their anymore,What about the bars and resturants having their own refuse bins outside their premises in the slip road,they might think twice about dumping glass bottles and smelly food waste in the road.Most residents I know put their rubbish in the bins.I don,t think the council do enough either,the streets should be washed regularly.I hope things get better otherwise visitors will stop coming.


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