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Samaritans in Spain is a rapidly growing charity. Established in Costa Blanca in September 2005, our main function is to listen to anyone experiencing distress and suffering without offering advice or making judgements. Communication is mostly via telephone, free of charge, although there are facilities for face to face meetings and email contact. We are contactable 24 hours, 7 days a week for any English-speaking person who needs our help. We also assist Spanish speaking callers, via our network of listeners based in the British Consulate in Madrid.

Samaritans listen to people who are either lonely, or feel themselves unable to express their feelings, concerns, or problems to those around them, The Samaritans’ listener does not advise or counsel, but merely provides an empathetic ear, which has proven to be an effective emollient over the many years of the Samaritans’ existence (since 1953 in UK).  

Volunteer listeners are drawn from all backgrounds, all ages, and all walks of life. “Following a successful interview, new Listener Volunteers are given an intensive Initial Training Package, consisting of ten Modules, delivered by our experienced Training Team. The aim is to equip Trainees with the skills they will need when supporting our Callers, whether by telephone, face to face or email.

Once completed, training continues by way of ten supervised duties with a Mentor who provides encouragement and support throughout. In all, new Listener Volunteers receive around 46 hours of training, with emphasis always on Listener welfare and support.”

Anyone who feels the need for emotional support, encouragement, and lacking in self-confidence will benefit by talking to a Samaritans listener. A telephone call to the Samaritans could last a few minutes or even longer, as callers are never rushed.

Whatever the Samaritans in Spain undertake to offer in the public sphere is grounded on empathetic listening based on a solid moral and ethical foundation                                                                                                 

Migel Jayasinghe and Jo Slack (Samaritans in Spain)




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