You can now have access to a FULL LIBRARY OF INDIE GAMES for next to nothing with Jump!

Jump game streaming service
Game streaming service

A new subscription service for games has been announced! Jump is said to work along the same lines as Spotify, allowing the user to subscribe for the latest Indie games. It is now in closed beta.

The Games

Jump gives users access to a massive library of highly rated, award winning indie games. The games load in seconds thanks to Jump’s low latency servers. The time can vary due to your internet speed but, specialists say it is the fastest video game streaming service out there. This naturally allows you to play when you want, and not have to worry about slow downs and annoying latency lag.

When & Where?

Jump is set to launch on Windows, Mac and Linux with a snazzy library of 60 of the best Indie games around, and this is only the starting point! With new games added periodically and developers who can submit their games to Jump for consideration, soon Jump will be a massive library of a wide scope of different Indie based games! ready for you to enjoy in high quality and high speed.


The closed beta runs from now to July the 24th, and you can subscribe for a very good price of $10 a month from Jumps website!

Rumors now state that later games to be added to the service could be made for platforms like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This is of course a massive deal as playing games in Virtual Reality for $10 a month is mad, considering for a triple A title you could pay upwards of $40.

Not only would this service allow you to play games alone, but an integrated service called PlayFab allows you to play in a multiplayer world, and allows you to use leader boards and earn achievements. Rumour has it you will also be able to, using PlayFab, share your saves to different devices!

Jump, unlike most games nowadays doesn’t eat your hard drive, instead of installing local files to your hard drive its uses web based technology to let you play remotely, this means instead of a full game on your hard drive you only need to install some base files!

If you want to get involved now, all you need to do is log in at this address!


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