La Naviera

On its way to becoming the city’s culinary A-lister Bar Restaurante La Naviera delivers its diners the many flavours of the Mediterranean as it invites you to sample a menu that offers one of the very best varieties and food selections in the area.

With two great salons and a spacious outdoor terrace the restaurant nevertheless has a very cosy and familiar atmosphere. The staff are friendly an attentive and with over a hundred freshly prepared dishes to choose from you are likely to spend far more time salivating over the menu than you are actually eating.

Soggy menu aside, breakfast is available all morning, from 9am, followed by a Menu del Dia and a Menu del Noche, both of which, at 10.90€ and 14.90€ respectively, providing starter, main, desert, bread, drink and coffee, deliver quality dining, which is absolutely excellent value for money.

Owned and operated by the expanding Magani Group, proprietors of Nautilus  and El Nacional in Punta Prima, Columnia, Playa del Cura, Torrevieja) and The Filton in Los Balcones, this is one restaurant where the food really does do the talking.

If you are a fish person you will find nothing fresher with all of the produce purchased daily from local Torrevieja fishermen, and the fish platter combination and octopus really do come highly recommended.

For carnivores however, If you want a really special treat, why not go for cochinillo asado, or roast suckling pig, part of a tradition of farm-to-table eating that’s appeared in literature, from Cervantes to Hemingway, for centuries. This is an entire piglet roasted whole, on an oak wood fire, a delicious delicacy that takes you to food nirvana. Now how could that not be to your liking?

Bar Restaurante La Naviera is located on the outskirts of Torrevieja, a few hundred yards along from the Iceland Supermarket, heading toward the city centre. Perhaps the best landmark to use would be the large BP Garage situated directly across the road.

It is open from 9am to midnight, Sunday to Thursday, 9am to 1am on Friday and Saturday. The restaurant has already achieved 5* Ratings on TripAdvisor.

La Naviera is such a breath of fresh air in what is now a flooded dining scene. There are so many restaurants in the area and trying to find the good ones, while avoiding those that are not so good, is getting harder, and it will continue to do so. Apart from the delicious and exciting menu here, the staff are also a big part of this restaurants personality and for that I’ll most certainly be back.

So, if you’re looking for quality, modern Spanish food with attitude – La Naviera has it all. As the restaurant gathers more and more recommendations and word starts to get around it is sure to start filling up. Make your reservation now on 965 033 746 or find us on Facebook at LaNaviera.

The restaurant also caters for group bookings.


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