The former leader of Elche’s Socialist Youth, Alejandro Diaz

Just over a week ago, the former leader of Elche’s Young Socialists, Alejandro Diaz, was imprisoned for the possession and distribution of child pornography. The police found photographs in his possession of adults raping babies.

At a bail hearing on Tuesday, however, carried out from prison by video conference, Diaz insisted that, although he was a consumer of pornographic material, he had never shared the images with anyone else. “I have never shared photographs, I only downloaded them,“ he told the magistrate.

Nevertheless the judge made the decision to refuse bail.

He said that he was still awaiting evidence as well as the results of an analysis of the computer owned by Diaz which he said would reveal whether or not he distributed the photographs of the raped and tortured babies, as the police maintain, or he was only a habitual consumer, which he has stated since the time of his arrest.

The declaration from prison is just the latest episode of what is considered by the Police as the worst case of paedophilia in recent years, because of the vulgarity of the images and the young age of the victims, since they are all babies, many of them just a few days old.

In his first statement to the magistrate investigating the case, Diaz admitted that he was the owner of the photographs and that he had them only because it was a way to “excite” his partners.

He said that he totally refused to distribute the material with other users and even went so far as to say that the material now disgusted him.

Meanwhile, the Police continue to investigate if Alejandro Diaz crossed the limits of paedophilia and pederasty. They say that they are currently gathering evidence to determine if, as they suspect, Diaz may have abused a two-year-old girl, which he subsequently boasted about to another user in a conversation over the Internet.

They are also following a lead relating to his relationship with several Saharawi children who came to Elche to spend the holidays, after he told another man over the internet how he had raped one of them who was just 6 years of age.

However, until the police are able to provide evidence to support additional charges the only current allegation is one of the possession of child pornography.  For the time being though, Snr Diaz remains in custody, at his majesty’s pleasure.


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