Vicent Marza

The Conselleria de Educación has said that they will bring a total of 792 new teachers to the province of Alicante paid for with public funds. The Primary schools will be allocated 207 new teachers, while the balance of 585 will be allocated to Secondary and Vocational Training.

This increase in the number of teachers is part of the Action Plan la Millora (PAM), which was agreed in April and which has been allocated more than 84 million euros, an increase of 29.2% over the PAM in the previous year.

PAM aims to improve the personal, intellectual, social and emotional development of students to reduce early school leaving rates, as well as provide individual attention to compensate for inequalities in learning.

The Minister of Education, Vicent Marzà, said “The extra funding will allow us to improve the quality of education of our students by, in many cases, reducing the size of the classes and providing much more individual instruction.”


  1. Investments for education are so important. They help colleges and universities move forward, involve students into extracurricular activity, provide them with opportunities: programs, projects, scholarships.. It’s almost impossible without finances.. Well, it’s possible but the productivity would be low. Therefore, these substantial investments must definitely play a great role in the right hands, I guess…Well, I hope:) anyway, thank you for the interesting article.


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