Alicante Airport

The National Police arrested a 58 year old man of Serbian nationality on Friday, after he was thought to have stolen goods valued in excess of 20,000 euros at Alicante Airport.

The thief tended to prey on Russian citizens who he described as careless. He would usually steal their bag whilst they were ordering their drink or food in a cafeteria.

Plainclothes officers were alerted by his suspicious manner after which they placed him under surveillance for some time.

Amongst the items stolen the thief is alleged to have taken 20,000 Russian roubles from one visitor and 16,000 euros from another victim. When he was arrested and searched he had a top of the range mobile phone and 5,000 euros in cash on his person.

At Alicante Airport the National Police have a telephone service for all travellers on 902 102 112 to assist the victims of crime in their own language and advise them on the procedural and documentary actions that they need to take arising from any theft or complaint.