On Monday we played a 2 Ball Better Ball. High and low. Which turned out to be one of the most competitive team comps played recently. Scoring was high with 4 teams coming in with 48 pts. The winners on a count back were Alan Douglas and Peter Radcliff. Hard luck on the runners up who came in, in the following order: Ron Phipps and Brian Dent, Mike Chapman and John Conway, Rod Doel and John Shervell.

Wednesday we played a Stableford Joker and the results were as follows:

Cat 1. 1st Benedicte Kruse 42 pts, 2nd Ian Stone 41 pts, 3rd Ron Phipps 37pts.

Cat 2. 1st Brian Dent 39pts, Ulrika Barthe 38pts, 3rd John Shervell 36pts.

2´s Club:  only one, Rod Doel.

Friday we played the Counters Game and with a very good score of 106pts the winning team were Alan Douglas, Benedicte Kruse, Pete Dunn and Peter Reffell.

Mike Mahony


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