T.M.G.S. @ EL PLANTÍO 28/6/17

Gold category winners.

32 members travelled along the N332 towards the blistering heat of El Plantio. We couldn’t have been more wrong, yes the temps were in the mid to high 30’s but the green fee including the buggy was certainly lower at a very attractive price of just €30 per player including the buggy, it must be the cheapest golf on the Costas!

OK so the fairways weren’t exactly US Open standard but we have seen them in worse condition and paid more, the greens were a little on the slow side but more than acceptable. Thank you El Plantio you gave us a nice surprise, usually it’s a nasty one from the local courses.

Although the course played well, the scoring suffered a little from the extremely high winds so any player who managed 30 pts. should not have been disappointed with his game.

Results: N.T.P.’s hole 7 A. Rickers, hole 9 Nada, hole 14 G. Sorby, hole 18 Nada. The 2’s pot was rolled over from last week and contained a very nice €60 this was shared between Alan Rickers, Alan Rixson and G. Hagan. Unusually we didn’t have any visitors with us this week.

Bronze category; 3rd G. Hagan 30 pts. 2nd M. Myhrvold 33 pts. 1st R. Nilsen 34 pts. Silver category, 3rd L. Jorung 30 pts. 2nd J. Hettrick 32 pts. 1st A. Rixson 32 pts. on L/H. Gold category, 3rd J. Eyre 33 pts. 2nd H. Steele 33 pts. 1st K. Winton 33 pts. decided on L/H.

Photo: Gold category winners.

Visitors are always welcome and can find more information about us at www.tmgs.org  www.Facebook/TMGSGOLF or @ TMGSGOLF  or call Joe Dean our Secretary on 661 524 101


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