Pat & Lionel Fidler CUDECA

Benalmádena, 29 June 2017

Volunteers, Pat and Lionel Fidler, after almost 25 years as Day Team leaders for two mornings every week in the Hospice shop in Fuengirola, have decided to retire as volunteers at the charity shop, although they will continue to collaborate as tin collection volunteers.

When Pat & Lionel first contacted Joan Hunt early in 1993, the first Hospice shop had just opened for 2 mornings each week.  With their help they were able to extend opening to 4 mornings, and following the great success of the venture and with the help of many more volunteers, it was soon possible to open for 6 mornings.

On their last day at the shop, Pat and Lionel were presented with a certificate in recognition of their loyal support, as well as flowers and special greetings from their two teams.

CUDECA has now more than 900 volunteers, offering part of their time in different volunteer programs. They are part of a group of people committed to and aware of the mission of Palliative Care, that is to provide quality of life to patients with cancer or other advanced terminal illnesses and to provide support to their families, all free of charge.

Thanks a lot for your support during all of these years!

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