The Sound of Musicals

What a splendid evening Nigel Hopkins and Melody Makers International Choir provided on Saturday 24th June at the Orihuela Costa Hotel. I really felt that this wonderful choir could not have bettered the Andrew Lloyd Webber concert performed in January this year, but this concert certainly equalled, and in my opinion bettered the January concert.

The Melody Makers Choir, under their conductor Nigel Hopkins gave some excellent performances of all-time great musicals. The audience were treated to medleys from My Fair Lady, Oliver, West Side Story and Singing in the Rain, then ended with the fabulous Les Miserables.

The choir goes from strength to strength, and the arrangements penned by Nigel Hopkins displayed the power of the collective choir, plus providing the ladies of the choir to demonstrate their virtuosity with I Feel Pretty, One Hand, One Heart and America, and the tenors and basses showed the power of their voices with excellent renditions of Something’s Coming and Somewhere.

There were some great soloists with Verity Hall singing Think of Me, Graham Cooke singing Old Man River and Rebecca Holt providing skin tingling performances of Losing My Mind from the Follies and especially the mind blowing performance of The Movie in my Mind from Miss Saigon.  Special mention must also go to Bill Nicholson, Erik Berg, Jane Atkinson, Alyson Horsfall and Philip Mitchell for their excellent singing.

Nigel Hopkins was in top form, providing little antidotes about the various musicals or the composers and generally leading the choir to achieve excellence. The Sound of the Musicals was an excellent concert, with a great variety of top notch music from some of the best musicals of all time. Well done to everyone concerned, you all provided a very special evening of entertainment.

Liz Page


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