The new council team following the reshuffle

After two years of “frantic and intense activity” the former councillor for sport, Dámaso Aparicio, who was replaced by the Orihuela mayor at the weekend, has placed a letter of thanks on the gates of the Playa Flamenca Sports centre in which he placed on record his appreciation to all those with whom he has worked during his period of office.

He said it was an absolute privilege to have occupied the post of sport’s councillor and wished his replacement, Victor Valverde, the very best in his future role.

The change has been brought about as a result of a mid-term government reshuffle carried out by Mayor Emilio Bascuñana. Although he failed to provide any specific explanation, in a short statement he said “We are in the middle of the legislature and we want to put in place the lessons we have learned, so that we can take the best way forward in tackling the second half of our period of office.”

Thus the changes are as follows:

  • Rafael Almagro takes responsibility for Urbanism and Planning which he adds to Human Resources, Heritage and Historical Heritage.
  • Fransciso Sáez retains Internal Affair, Recruitment and the Council transport pool
  • Mariola Rocamora retains Festivities, Public Safety and Public Order.
  • Sabina-Goretti Galindo takes over Finance, which she adds to her current responsibilities of Social Welfare, Citizen Participation, Equality, Immigration and International Cooperation.
  • Begoña Cuartero retains Education and take over Urban Transport.
  • Dámaso Aparicio becomes councillor for Markets which he adds to Urban Waste.
  • Miguel Ángel Fernández continues to head the Environmental team as well as Industry, Quality, and Trade.
  • Sofía Álvarez continues with Tourism and International Residents.
  • Noelia Grao retains Health, Agriculture and Statistics.
  • Víctor Valverde assumes responsibility for Sport, in addition to Emergencies, Employment, Rural Development and Pedanias.

On the Local Government Board Begoña Cuartero and Dámaso Aparicio are replaced by Miguel Angel Fernandez and Víctor Valverde




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