Vice Captain Ted Harris And Team With The Trophy

On Tuesday June 13th, it was time for our monthly Society Day, on this occasion playing for the annual “Captain vs Vice Captain” trophy.

Two teams, “carefully” selected by the committee played a Texas Scramble at our home course, Campoamor. The weather was very hot and the greens a little sandy and slow following the recent hollow tining. Putting conditions therefore a little different from those we are used to.

Sixteen players set out eager to enjoy the change of competition and to play a different format where everyone, irrespective of how they play on the day, is involved to the end.  Play was swift and the competition was close – with the fourball comprising of Nigel Cotton, Bob Eno, Ray Phillips and Dave Margetson, playing for the Vice Captain,  having by far the best day with a net score of 62.9 (three under par gross).

In second place, challenging on behalf of the Captain, were Bryan Hirst, Ron Colclough, Bjorn Magnusson and Steve Lugger with a net score of 65.3. The race for the prestigious trophy hinged on the remaining fourballs and after rechecking scorecards several times, the final result was victory for Ted Harris, Vice Captain, with a score of 129.1 points to the Captain’s 132.8. The second fourball on the winning side was made up of Ted, Geoff Hollingsworth, Joe Booth and John Clutton.

Thanks to Peter Palmer, Dennis Fox, Alistair Kaye and Denis Warren for their noble efforts on behalf of the Captain. Ted continues the run of Vice Captain victories and gets the pleasure of polishing the trophy for the next 12 months.

Thanks to all who took part, it was a very enjoyable day definitely enhanced by a change from the usual Stableford scoring.

The Wolfpack play on Tuesdays and Fridays at Campoamor – if you would like to join us, please contact either Steve on 604 11 27 29 or Dave on 677 147 848. 


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