T.M.G.S. @ ALTORREAL 6/7/17

Silver category winners

For the third consecutive week we have had to travel to find a course that doesn’t have temporary greens.

It’s been a number of years since we last visited Altorreal and it was with some trepidation that thee reservation was made, this is because this course, although well designed was never in very good condition but since the change of ownership a year or so ago improvements have been made and it was a very pleasant surprise to see that so much had been done to improve the golfer’s experience.

Well done and thank you Altorreal for your warm welcome and willingness to help provide an enjoyable day for our members. Probably because of its history a few members decided not to make the 1 hr. journey so 30 members and a handful of guest turned up to player a Stableford competition.

Although the course was in perfect condition that didn’t mean that it would be easy, its design asks you to place the ball in a particular place and if done so your reward is a good score on that hole, if not then good luck!

Results; N.T.P. competition.

Hole 5 J. Hillier, hole 8 L. Williamson, hole 10 nada, hole 17 J. Hettrick. L. Williamson, B. Gillies and J. Hillier shared the €30 contained in this week’s 2’s pot.

Our best guest was Mrs. C. Martin 32 pts. Bronze category; 3rd A. Goslan 27 pts. L/H, 2nd J. Hillier 27 pts. L/H 1st L. Holmberg 31 pts. Silver category; 3rd S. Robinson 30 pts. 2nd G. Smith 32 pts. 1st M. Kennedy 35 pts. Gold category, 3rd J. Eyre 31 pts. 2nd L. Hagstrom 33 pts. 1st L. Williamson 36 pts.

Photo: Silver category winners.

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