The technology is already being used in the middle east and the USA

The Department of Tourism in Valencia has said that it will install two experimental charging posts in Santa Pola and Torrevieja for portable electronic devices prior to the start of the summer holidays.  They will be joined up and down the Costa Blanca by four other palms along the beachfronts in Peñíscola, Benicassim , Cullera and Gandía.

A study into the feasibility of the project was carried out in 2015 as part of the coastal and beach qualification strategy. The study looked into beach equipment and beach services, both nationally and internationally, and as a result of this, a list of 56 action points was drawn up.

They included accessible bathing areas and changing-rooms, many of which were installed last year. This year, however, one particular item selected from the list to be trialled will be solar panels for charging handheld devices.

As such, it is now planned to install six charging point units along the coastline for portable handheld devices, each having a double function. They will each serve to allow the charging of mobile devices by means of solar energy, and they will also serve as a marketing tool for tourist destinations in the  Comunidad Valenciana, by being located in places of special interest.

As this year marks the 30th anniversary of the design and start-up of the palm tree as a brand for the Valencian Community it is a similar design that has been chosen for the charging posts.

These installations will enable a recharge of these portable devices allowing tourists to continue to make calls, thus providing yet another service to those that are already available at the beaches, thereby increasing the quality of service of our tourist destinations.

The equipment is an independent charging station for portable electronic devices with Usb type electrical outlets (smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, etc.).  There will also be a bench so that the user who loads his device can rest while charging his portable device.

The Regional Secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, said that these new devices “will allow us to provide a better service to the visitor, whilst putting the Community at the forefront of equipment on beaches.” In addition, he said that “they are a reminder of our most iconic brand image, which has now been transformed into a point of energy, technology, innovation and sustainability, an image of the future.”


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