On a lovely cool Monday morning we played a “Mulligan” where you get 4 chances to correct a bad shot that could ruin your score.

Scoring was good and close. The winner was Rod Doel with a great score of 42pts. 2nd on a count back was Alan Douglas 41pts. 3rd, keeping it in the family, again on a count back was Olga Douglas with 41pts, 4th was John Drakesmith with 40pts.

Wednesday we played round 6, the last round, of out Eclectic Joker competition and the results were as follows:

Cat.1: 1st Dave Pulling 43pts, 2nd , on a count back, Olga Douglas 38pts 3rd Bryan Neal 38pts.

Cat.2 : 1st Ellen Drakesmith 41pts, 2nd Geoff Biggerstaff 41pts on a count back. 3rd Rod Doel 36pts.

2´s Club: Tom Hardie and Dave Pulling with 2.

On another beautiful day we played a “Waltzer”and the winners on a count back were Liz & Ken Robertson, Peter Reffell and John Conway with 41pts. 2nd were Dave Pulling, Rod Doel, Annmarie & Friedel Weisheit also with 41pts.

Mike Mahony


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