The Councillors for the Environment and Beaches

Following posts on tripadvisor that some of the beaches are littered with cigarette ends Torrevieja Council is distributing 3,000 portable ashtrays to be used by those people who wish to smoke whilst enjoying their day by the sea.

Councillor for the Environment, Fanny Serrano made the announcement at a press conference in the town hall last week where she showed examples of the ashtrays to the gathered press.

Serrano said that she has received numerous complaints from both smokers and non-smokers. “The smokers are telling me that they will use the portable ashtrays at the beach while many non-smokers argue that there are too many cigarette butts that are just buried in the sand.”

The councillor also emphasised that “at no time is this campaign intended to show that we encourage smoking, quite the contrary, as evidenced by the message we have placed in each of the ashtrays which says Do not smoke. But if you do, use this ashtray. ”

The Councillor for Braches, Javier Manzanares confirmed that this product will be distributed among the proprietors of the kiosks and chirunguitos, to be handed out to their customers, and also to be distributed on the beach when the summer season begins.

Each unit has a capacity for up to 20 cigarette butts, can be introduced into the sand in a very simple way and carries a lid to secure the contents until it can be disposed of in a wastebasket.


  1. Brilliant! Kill the music at the beach bars and all of the enjoyment for hundreds of people but don’t stop them smoking. This adds insult to injury.

  2. Can I order some ash trays for Rocio del Mar please? I promise I will smoke for the first time in my life, because there’s nothing else to do now and smoking doesn’t require toilets. Thank you


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