César Sánchez showing off his football skills in Los Montesinos

César Sánchez, the President of the Diputación, was in Formentera, Los Montesinos and Benejúzar last week where he announced Government investments worth 1.7 million euros.

The President’s day began in Formentera del Segura where Sánchez, along with the mayor Francisco Cano, visited the rehabilitation and sports adaptation projects of the Juan Carlos I Primary and High School where he announced two Provincial grants, the first of 216,336 euros for the construction of new changing rooms while a further € 144,000 will supplement the cost of repairs to damages caused during the rainy season.

The delegation then moved on to Los Montesinos to look at the improvements and expansion of the local sports complex. Accompanied by the mayor, José Manuel Butrón, the President toured the centre, which, with a Provincial investment of 259,200 euros, has built a new paddle court, skate and bike track. The project will also see the installation of solar panels around the municipal swimming pool and sports pavilion, the alteration of several buildings, and the construction of better accesses and pedestrian routes.

The town also received a subsidy of about 300,000 euros to redevelop las calles de Santos Médicos, Virgen del Remedio, Vistabella and adjacent urban areas, while it has received another of 149,472 euros to repair damage caused by the storm.

Sanchez then met the mayor of Benejúzar, Antonio Bernabé , who he accompanied to the town’s public library and swimming pool. A provincial contribution of 275,184 euros will see further refurbishments including a reading room, an office, a lounge-cafeteria, a kitchen and two toilets.

Sánchez confirmed the “commitment” of the Provincial Government to the smaller municipalities so that “their residents have the same opportunities of employment, leisure, culture and sports” as those who live in larger towns and cities.


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