SIMONE DE LACY writes …….The annual Spanish National Federation of Darts tournament was held in Gandia again this year (27 April-1st May) and two teams of hopefuls (Men’s and Ladies) competed for the right to enter having played in the preliminary rankings games during the season to qualify for a place on the team.

They faced around 600 people from all over Spain in the competitions individual, pairs and team matches that stretched over 4 days.  It was one hell of a weekend but well worth it!

The Vega Baja Chicas:

The Vega Baja Chicas:
Left to right: Amanda Skinner, Ann Wharton, Bliss Wright, Karen Winter, Diane Dane, Simone de Lacy

The spoils for the Ladies: 

Runners Up: Ladies Pairs: Karen Winter & Diane Dane

Winner: Ladies Singles Federation Cup: Karen Winter

3rd place: Ladies Singles Spanish Nationals: Karen Winter

Winners: Ladies Team Selection: Vega Baja Chicas:- Karen Winter, Diane Dane, Amanda Skinner. Simone de Lacy, Bliss Wright, Ann Wharton (non-playing Captain)

Some of the Vega Baja chaps:

Some of the Vega Baja chaps:
Left to right: Sam Salt, James Brown, Matt Smith, Spanish Official, Darren Sanderson, Mark Farmer

The spoils for the men:

Winners: Men’s Pairs: Mark Farmer & Sam Salt

3rd: James Brown & Darren Sanderson

Runner up: Men’s Singles Federation Cup: Matt Smith

3rd: Darren Sanderson

2nd: Men’s Team Selection: James Brown, Sam Salt, Mark Farmer, Darren Sanderson, Matt Smith, Jon)

3rd: Men’s Team, Los Toros


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