Paddy Clancy writes ……..A Ryanair jet with passengers aboard abandoned take-off because a wheel worked loose.

More than 180 passengers were taken off the jet at San Javier Airport, Murcia, minutes before take-off last Monday night.

They included travellers on a bank holiday weekend trip to Spain.

The Dublin-bound flight was cancelled and passengers were placed in hotels overnight for another flight home next day.

A woman whose husband was on the plane said: “The back seat passengers were the first to be aware something was wrong.

“I am not sure if they saw the wheel come loose but when they were disembarking that’s what the crew told them happened.”

A west of Ireland man who works in Spain had dropped people at the airport for the flight home.

He said: “They told me a wheel came off. Nobody seemed very excited.

 “Nobody was injured and they were put up overnight and they flew home next day.”

Ryanair refused to give details except to say a “technical” issued caused the flight cancellation.

A spokesman said: “The crew of this flight from Murcia to Dublin last Monday (1 May) returned the aircraft to stand due to a technical issue ahead of take-off..

 “Customers disembarked, were provided with overnight hotel accommodation and departed to Dublin on a replacement aircraft the following morning.

 “Ryanair sincerely apologised to all customers affected by this delay.”

When the question was put a second time direct to Ryanair: “Did the plane lose a wheel” the spokesman replied: “We don’t comment or engage in rumour or speculation.”

It’s not the first time a Ryanair jet operated without all wheels.

Two years ago passengers on board a flight into Leeds Bradford Airport were given a rough ride when their plane landed on one wheel and bounced onto the runway.

Footage shot by witnesses showed the plane approach the runway wobbling from side to side as it battled strong crosswinds at England’s highest airport.

The pilot managed to get the aircraft back onto two wheels and on the straight and narrow to ensure a safe landing.


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