TEAM KO CUP Semi Finals:

Junction Jackals v Masseys 7-4

Phil’s playing golf, again, I think the result sheet is still in his car!

 El Capitan v Hen’s Teeth Coqs 7-5

No results sheet sent in

The Finals of the TEAM KO Cup will be Junction Jackals V El Capitan to be held at The Tavern on Thursday 4th May. Committee members Simone and Debbie will be officiating.

Auxiliary TEAM KO CUP Semi-Finals (1st Round losers cup)

Porters v Porter House Bees 6-7

What a close game it was at the Porter House.  Jeff Ward’s trio took the first trebles but the Bees Tim Goodacre, Gilly Kirby and John Lane’s bull finish evened it up. So the Porters tried again with Jeff, Tufty and Ray Hayes who checked out on D2.  But the bees kept a’comin’ and Michelle Lane and Graham Parker’s (D9) took the first doubles. The Porters took the next two: Hayes (S20-D20) and Tufty (D10) to see them 4-2 at half time. 

Fortified no doubt by those signature little sausages, the Bees came back in the singles with dastardly drones Goodacre (S14-D20) and Parker (D2) to level it up again. Porter Tufty then hit D8 but Dad and son Lane (D15 and D16) put the Bees in the lead at the 11th Leg.  Porter Todd temporarily saved the day bringing it to 6 -6 which then required the 13th golden leg decider of 6 player teams chipping away at 1001. 

Well it was Graham Parker of the Bees- this year’s men’s singles champion- who stole the 7th leg and sees the Bees through to the finals of the Auxiliary Team KO cup on 4th May. 

And who said that bees are dying out…although Harvey may now be a ‘zom’bee!

Las Rosas v Ale House 4-7

Photo of results sheet sent in but too blurry to read, sorry.

The finals of the Auxiliary TEAM KO cup between Porter House Bees and Ale House will be held at The Hen’s Teeth on Thursday 4th May, Chairman Alan Nash will be officiating.

League Match Game: Tavern Oldies v Junction Jaguars 5-7

The Tavern Oldies and the Jaguars played their last league game of the season a week early as a lot of the jags are away next week.  T’was a great night and an important match for the two teams who were both vying to finish as runners up of Division B (Evolution were too far ahead to catch). 

It was a close game with some cracking scores from both teams – MOTM Graham Solomon (140), MOTM Sharon Marshall (140) but in the end it was the Jaguars that fought just that little bit harder and, probably against the odds, got the win.  The rest of the league will play their final games next Thursday but this will not affect the 2nd place position. 

Well done to the Jaguars, an all-ladies team that can give the men a run for their money!  A special thanks too to Captain Patty Poo Schofield who led her team to victory despite some fractious times over the season, you can rest now Poo, your work here is done!

Final League game next week:  Runners Up of Division A still to be decided.  Will it be last year’s winners El Capitan or Team KO cup finalists and current 2nd place holders, the Jackals?! Watch this space…

Presentation Night: Thursday 11th May

The presentation night will be held at Las Ramblas Golf Club on Thursday 11th May, 7pm for 7:30pm.  There will be a Spanish style hot buffet followed by presentations and then entertainment until 1am There will be a raffle and we will also try and rig up two darts boards on stands for the Blind Team KO competition, but can’t promise.  Looks like we will have around 150 at the party this year, WooHoo!


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