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‘Bouncebackability – Part 2’

Last weeks column concentrated on your ability, as a golfer, to bounce back during the round following a bad shot or incidents that you consider to be bad luck.

You will recall that the first step is to start feeling better about yourself, reset new goals for the remainder of the round and begin to enjoy yourself again.

The ability to recover from a poor series of shots or events is not just limited to golf.

If you watch international cricket you will see that after a ‘play and miss’ the batsman practises the shot that he should have played.

This has two effects, firstly it re-enforces his confidence and ability to play the correct shot and secondly it is to ‘park’ the bad shot and forget it.

You must do the same in golf.

It is essential to remain in the ‘present’ for the remainder of the round and forget the past because you can’t change it.

What is done is done!

Your first target after a bad hole is to re-group and make a nett par on the next hole without any incidents or anxiety.

Remember that at this stage the adrenaline is still flowing so do not be too aggressive but deliberately swing the club slower.

Take a few deep breaths, from the stomach, and plan your way down the hole avoiding unnecessary complications and pressure.

When you have achieved the desired result, a nett par, set a new target to play the next three holes in nett par and soon you will find that your score is back on track and will not de-generate as it would have done without taking control of the situation.

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