On Thursday 6th April Eurogolf played their monthly medal for the Founders Cup and the results were Cat1 1st Pino Perito 69 2nd George McCallum 73 3rd  Malcolm Foskett 74 Cat 2 1st David Blasnchette 74  2nd Linda Lynch 75 3rd Karin Van Der Kryse Cat 3 1st Jim Weston 69 2nd John Cross 74  3rd Jeff Lynch 77 c/b  Cat 4 1st Kevin Bonser 67 2nd Bev Evans 73 3rd Eamonn Divine 75 c/b  Founders Cup winner Pino Perito Medal winner Kevin Bonser Best front 9 Bert Lawson 34.5 Best back 9 Ian Pegg 36.5 NTPs  5 th and 11th Jeff Lynch  12th in 2 Colin Hobden  15th Pino perito  17th David Gregson Football Bob Buckeridge David Blanchette Morag Turner Tony Forbes and Monique Reeves


On Tuesday 4th April Toffs played their normal stableford competition and the results were Cat 1 (0-16) 1st John Barracough 37 2nd Bill Martin 35 3rd  Malcolm Foskett 35 c/b Cat 2 (17-21) 1st Stan Low 38 2nd Gary Grierson 35 3rd  Davide Blanchette 33 Cat 3 (22-25) 1st Bruce Gordon 36 2nd John Cross 36 c/b 3rd Phyllis Venables 33 Cat 4 (26-36) 1st Claire Daye-Gretton 33 2nd Chris Stanley 31 3rd Gina Ashworth 31 c/b Overall Toffs winner Stan Low Best front 9 Ian Pegg 20 Best back 9 Franz Berndt 19 NTPs 5th Debbie Weedon 11th Bev Fairhurst 12th in 2  Pam Davidson 15th Bill Martin 17th Phyllis Venables Football  Bev Evans John Kirkwood Chris Stanley Franco Gentili and Norman Woods.

Eurogolf did really well in the recent Spanish competition with John Barraclough being overall winner, Bert Lawson and Claire Daye-Gretton winning their categories and Fred Reeves coming 2nd.

If you would like to play with Eurogolf at La Marquesa Tuesdays and Thursdays please visit the website



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