Many top names of George Formby impersonators are interested in playing the part of Wigan's singer, comedy and film star

A host of talented George Formby impersonators have applied to play the lead role of the Wigan born banjo-ukulele star in the film ‘Formby’s Lost Love’.

And Wigan born Vintage entertainer Andrew Mason has been shortlisted – along with a plethora of Formby enthusiasts – including interest from Australia!

“I would love to be considered for the role of George Formby – I have a similarity in appearance – and even come from Wigan!” said Andrew, who has released a CD of Formby’s classics, that includes songs With My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock and Leaning on a Lampost.

Los Montesinos, Alicante, author of the book ‘Formby’s Lost Love’ Andrew Atkinson is in the process of producing the film with Preston Movie Makers Film Director Roy Logsdon and chairman Jim Whalley.

“Many top names of George Formby impersonators are interested in playing the part of Wigan’s singer, comedy and film star,” said Preston born Andrew, 59.

David Clarke, who starred as Formby in the popular TV show ‘Stars In Your Eyes’, Paul Casper, one of the country’s best singer-impersonator Formby lookalikes, along with Mike Warren from Sheffield, and Sydney, Australia resident Cameron Murray, have applied for the role.

Ukulele tutor Cameron, publisher of ukulele magazine ‘Camuke’, one of Australia’s best banjo-ukulele players, said: “I fully realise that Sydney is quite a long way from Lancashire and you will have many local prospects auditioning to play the part of George Formby.”

The film is a heartbreaking story of Formby, who died of a heart attack, aged 56, in 1961, and that of his fiancee Pat Howson, from Preston, who died of cancer, aged 46, in 1971.

Preston Movie Makers are an Independent company who work on a low budget, using local locations for filming quality movies: “One of the film locations is the oldest jewellers shop in Preston, Thomas Yates Jeweller, built c.17th century, on Cheapside.

“Proprietor David Rhodes has kindly agreed to film the scene of Pat Howson purchasing her engagement ring in the shop,” said Andrew.

Actress Emily Duroe, from Garstang, Preston, who studied at the University of London, said: “I am thrilled to be playing the part of Pat Howson in the film ‘Formby’s Lost Love’.”


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