On Thursday 16th March Eurogolf played their monthly medal off the plates for the Presidents Trophy. It was a sunny but blustery day which affected the scores as there were some relatively low scores even in the prizes.

Cat 1 1st Malcolm Foskett 36 2nd George McCallum 35 c/b 3rd David Gregson 35 Cat 2 1st Stan Low 31 2nd Glo Manning 31 3rd Linda Lynch 29 Cat 3 1st Debbie Weedon 37 2nd David Valentine 35 3rd Bob Shorley 33 Cat 4 1st Ed Silvester 37 2nd Phyllis Venables 36 3rd Kevin Bonser 30 Overall winner Debbie Weedon c/b

Best front 9 Frances Buckeridge Best back 9 John Barraclough NTP´s 5th and 17th Bill Martin 11th Colin Willis 12th in 2 John Barraclough 15th Terry Sayers Fotball draw G. Lavender John Fairhurst Keith Wright Colin Hobden and Claire Daye-Gretton.

President David Blanchette was pleased to present Captain Debbie Weedon with the Presidents Trophy plus a bottle of champagne which he donated at his own expense.

Unfortunately the usual Toffs game on Tuesday was cancelled due to the strong high winds.

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